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Default Re: The Official Quicksilver thread

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I think that the Spartacus character was the worst thing about the first season. Stereotypical good guy with little personality so Whitfield didn't really have anything to work with.

I only saw 3-4 episodes of the following season though (not the prequel one, that one I saw all of) so I can't really say much about the switch, but it didn't feel worse for me.
I loved the first season of Spartacus, loved the interaction between Spartacus being thrust into this new life with nothing at all, making and losing friends, his whole Crixus relationship, and the arena battles. The 2nd season (not prequel) was okay, about 3 or 4 episodes that are really memerable, and Whitfield really becomes the character halfway through. The finals season is nothing but pure gold in my eyes, the new introduced characters and entire season was just so great imo. I'd definitely suggest finishing up the series.

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