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Default Re: The Official Quicksilver thread

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I loved the first season of Spartacus, loved the interaction between Spartacus being thrust into this new life with nothing at all, making and losing friends, his whole Crixus relationship, and the arena battles. The 2nd season (not prequel) was okay, about 3 or 4 episodes that are really memerable, and Whitfield really becomes the character halfway through. The finals season is nothing but pure gold in my eyes, the new introduced characters and entire season was just so great imo. I'd definitely suggest finishing up the series.
I liked the first season too, as well as the prequel one. While I didn't enjoy the main character much (didn't dislike him either though) I think it had a lot of fun elements. I'll probably heed your advice and look up what I've missed since it sounds good.

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