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Th Frown Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
I had to say Green Lantern. To be clear, it wasn't the worst of the bunch on that poll, and I certainly didn't get any inflated expectations from any of the trailers - it seemed fairly obvious that it would suck from the very first footage to me. But it was still the most disappointing because I feel like GL is such a high concept that it really only had one shot of ever taking off. With that movie, it got its shot at the A-list, big-budget Hollywood treatment - likely the best shot it would ever get - and they completely blew it. Which is tragic to me, because more than almost any of the "top tier" heroes, I feel like GL had the most potential to create a truly epic universe. I mean, GL stories literally span the whole universe. That franchise could have been the Star Wars of CBMs, dammit. So its creative and financial failure represents to me not just some bad installment in a still successful franchise (like Spidey 3 or X3) or a speed bump in getting a well-known marquee character off the ground (like Hulk and SR), but the almost certain, premature death of a potentially amazing franchise before it ever got started. So, unlike the other disappointments in the poll (a couple of which I don't consider disappointments at all), I don't feel we were simply robbed of a great movie with Green Lantern - I feel we were robbed of several great movies.
This is such a great post. I was cheering for GL to succeed. Remember only a few years ago rumors of Jack Black in the title role? Then they came up with this project, which seemed to completely embrace the comics! This was going to be a gateway that opened up all kinds of possibilities for movies and TV, and comics promotions as well.

I was also slightly worried about the preliminary footage, but I'm an optimist at heart. There was enough on the surface to make me still feel excited. It really blows my mind how badly they screwed up the story and characters. It's like they were trying to make something for "SyFy" Originals, instead of a major summer blockbuster. This is why GL is the most disappointing movie, to me.

Originally Posted by Quincy478 View Post
I might have to go with Captain America due to the importance of the character and the potential it had. I felt the film was solid for the most part with the exception of the villain and the action.

I felt the film should have took a more gritty and mature vibe. Instead they had corny action, Hydra(instead of Nazis) shooting lasers which just reminded me of G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra.

I felt extremely disappointed when I left the theater.
Man, I was really surprised at how much I liked Captain America! I have to admit, I was one of the naysayers. I complained briefly, but at length in a few posts on the boards here and then basically gave up hope for the movie. When it came out, some friends who share my viewpoints on a lot of things recommended it to me. I enjoyed it from start to finish with a few minor nitpicks. Overall, I felt they knocked it out of the park.

Yes, I would've preferred less use of the lasers, but the overall tone was fine. It really did feel like it did justice to the Cap comics I grew up reading, which had high-flying, unrealistic action, lasers, aliens and all sorts of weirdness. I thought the villains were great. There's almost always going to be a certain amount of camp, but they didn't go overboard. I really didn't need to see the classic costume lampooned as it was. But 90% of the movie was just great fun and top-notch acting and storytelling.

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