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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread

Here's an update on the woman arrested for stalking Hugh:

Hugh Jackman stalker to undergo psychiatric evaluation
Last Updated: 6:08 PM, May 8, 2013

Authorities want to find out just how mentally ill the accused stalker of actor Hugh Jackman is.

A Manhattan judge today ordered Katherine Thurston, 46, be examined by court appointed psychiatrists to determine if the disheveled blonde is able to understand the charges against her -- namely misdemeanor stalking and felony burglary, for allegedly following Jackman into his West Village gym last month.

The Bakersfield, CA native -- a mom to three grown kids -- is being held in lieu of bail pending the psych exam. She has a history of stalking in California -- including of the hunky "X-Men" and "Les Miserables" star -- and faces anywhere from one to seven years if convicted of barging into his members only Gotham Gym, prosecutors say.

"We just want to make sure she has the mental capacity to understand what the charges are and what the proceedings are," her court-appointed lawyer, Liz Beal, explained after court of the psych exam.

A judge set June 19 for an update. Thurston is accused of flinging a razor filled with her own pubic hair at the actor while shouting, "We're getting married, right?" She additionally sought him out at his apartment near the gym, shouting to his wife, "I'm going to marry your husband!" according to the charges against him.

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