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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

I think they need to start planning early for future villains.

For instance, have Simon Hurt as a throwaway character in the first movie so he could potentially be used later.

But as for the first film? Well, for a start - screw an origin story. I'm sick of them and Batman or no Batman will not pay to see a story I already know and have already seen.
But that being said, there is room to incorporate the death of his parents. How? Hugo Strange.

If you recall, Strange once set up mannequins in Wayne Manor and had taped voice telling Bruce that he had let them die and that the worms were eating their flesh. This basically led to Batman having a complete mental breakdown.

Add into that Hugo Strange's creepy makeshift bat-suit and you've got a top tier villain.
As a secondary character, I'd like to see the Mad Hatter finally put onto the screen as a schizoid serial killer in the vein of Scorpio from Dirty Harry. Just have him be this psychotic, asocial man-child who barely conceals his bloodlust and depravity beneath a mask of kookiness.

I think we're ready for far more psychologically horrifying enemies this time around.

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