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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Cosmic View Post
This is such a great post. I was cheering for GL to succeed. Remember only a few years ago rumors of Jack Black in the title role? Then they came up with this project, which seemed to completely embrace the comics! This was going to be a gateway that opened up all kinds of possibilities for movies and TV, and comics promotions as well.

I was also slightly worried about the preliminary footage, but I'm an optimist at heart. There was enough on the surface to make me still feel excited. It really blows my mind how badly they screwed up the story and characters. It's like they were trying to make something for "SyFy" Originals, instead of a major summer blockbuster. This is why GL is the most disappointing movie, to me.
Thanks! And yeah, I had completely forgotten about those Jack Black rumors, so...I suppose it always could've been worse. But on the other hand, if it HAD been a failed Jack Black comedy version, then I'd still have hope that someone would think they went about it the wrong way and might actually attempt a serious take as reboot in a few years. So in other words, I might have more hopes for a reboot than I do right now. Aaaaand now I'm depressed again, lol.

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