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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
And yet we got a 2nd wolverine solo movie and chances are we will get a 3rd also
Because the opening weekend of The Wolverine was a success and FOX quickly greenlighted a 2nd Wolverine movie after that but most fan-boys here at SHH aren't really interested in seeing another Wolverine especially compare to DOFP.

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
A FC sequel with young Cyclops, Jean, Storm, more Beast and co. and released in 3D can easily top X1, X2 and X3. The thing is a sequel with full original cast could do much more.
"Can easily top X1, X2 and X3". Errr no. You don't have proof for that. Its gonna look like a prequel again to most people and we all know that prequels didn't top the original trilogy when it comes to box-office.

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