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Default Re: Scoring Days of Future Past - The Soundtrack/Music Thread

Originally Posted by TheWolverine View Post
Totally agree with you psylockolussus,

I disagree with Robin91939 regarding the cartoonish thing. X3 was meant for a bigger scale than X2, and the music shows... even though the final product didnt meet the expectations.

But I´d love to see a joint work between Powell and Ottman. Just like Hans Zimmer and Howard did.
I do agree with how x3 sounds a bit hokey compared to x1 and 2. It's a bit more whimsical, especially in the utterly disasterous danger room sequence.

I love the x3 score, I've listened to it just as much as the x2. The problem with 3's score is that it's connected to a crap movie, so i dont feel the same joy I get from listening to x2 or x1s score.

I've loved every x move score thus far, and have high hopes for DOFP and Wolverine.

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