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Default Re: Bruce/Batman seemed dumber

Well the first act is based largely on Knightfall, at least the costumed bits. And Batman behaved like a complete moron in that book. Even moreso than in this movie.

But yes both Bane and Talia at separate times get the drop on him. Then again, there are quite a few moments like how easily he tracks down Selina Kyle, escapes the police, takes down Bane's men in the sewer, frees the cops when he returns and, of course, gets rid of the bomb, that feels like the classic character.

The trick with films is they have to raise the stakes. To keep those stakes raised and escalation growing, it means the protagonist needs to face a threat that exceeds his normal grasp. In short, he must be less in control than he is in an average comic book storyline. Nolan tried to show the classic "Batman has all the answers" angle for the first act of TDK, but for some fans it is not enough.

Fair enough.

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