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Default Re: Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town-Rate & Review Thread-

That's a lot of feelings regarding a quick shot you're not sure you actually saw.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Well, it's one of the most important aspects of the show to me (and I didn't enjoy this ep enough to be about it). I like/liked the friendly trio-ness of Oliver, Laurel and Tommy. I loved how, despite natural jealousy, Oliver and Tommy didn't let their romantic feelings destroy their friendship and how wonderfully awkward they were on double dates. Subverted tropes and cliches not followed are good. And I think it would be massively out-of-character if it's legit and Tommy really is siding with his father/his father's ideals

I really enjoyed the Moira/Walter dynamic, but that's understandably over now. I gave a shoutout to the Oliver/Thea relationship that I like, but that one is simple - nothing so much to *discuss* about them.

I'm not into the 'ships, and the Glades aren't going to be destroyed (and while I enjoy the character stuff with Malcolm and Moira, the plot similarity to Batman bugs me).

I don't mean that. I meant the fact that Ollie says he got trained by a man named Yao Fei, and it turns out he didn't get taught a single thing by him. It was Slade and Shado that taught him anything on the island.

It's one of my big nitpicks with the show. They obviously planned in the beginning to have Yao Fei teaching Ollie about archery and combat, but then changed it midway, introduced Slade and made him the real Deathstroke, included Fei's daughter, and then killed him off.
I agree so much. And it doesn't help that I liked Yao Fei better than Slade and Shado, either. Slade, in particular, mostly mildly irritates me. Shado has just left no impression.

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