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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by BMM View Post
This thread makes my head hurt...

Of course a 3D First Class sequel starring Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, etc. can top X-Men's $157 million. First Class is already within $10 million of that. Just because a prequel doesn't make as much as its predecessors, doesn't mean its sequel[s] can't.

That said, topping X2 and The Last Stand is far more of a challenge and not something I would say is easily accomplished. Even with 3D, you're talking about an additional $100 million. That's quite a jump, especially when you consider that, despite the addition of familiar characters, audiences may still be hesitant to throw money after the unfamiliar faces playing those characters.
lets not forget that FC made 207m internationally.

With the great reception of the first movie more 3D and Cyclops, Jean and Storm, it could do 300m easily, specially if its released in a few years.

so..... 300m internationally and lets say just 150 on USA, that would be 450m already. More than X2 and practically the same as X3.

But if on USA it does 200 (not a hard number honestly), it would be superior than the whole trilogy.

some fans just are too negative and not as realistic. The international market is getting bigger year after year, so its not like FC cant be a very successfull franchise.

Many fans want X4 or X5, thats fine, but thats another issue.

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