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Default Re: Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town-Rate & Review Thread-

Less balanced and inconsistent to the quality of last week's episode, largely because of the portrayal of Laurel as "CW female protagonist #21" in a somewhat forced development in the love triangle that really only made Tommy interesting. Seriously, I think that actor's probably my favorite in the show; he looks to be Michael Rosenbaum's equal as the best friend with issues, but they've so far changed up his story enough that he's got different dynamic than Rosenbaum. Laurel still seems very removed from Black Canary in pretty much everyway except for an attraction to Ollie and some philanthropy, and she remains one of the weaker interpretations on the show, but I'm blaming that on the writing.

It really is amazing just how much the rest of the cast has fallen into organic character dynamics over the course of the season. Seeing Thea get that sad little girl look in her face once she saw her step-dad's face was heartbreaking, while Team Arrow's hijinks emphasize how great it is to have Felicity added to the mix of the otherwise very serious Ollie and Diggs. These two are clearly the closest Ollie gets to an honest and comraderie filled relationship, and it works.

Malcolm really feels like a perfectly translated super villain, with some of his more cliched characteristics overpowered by Barrowman's charisma and skills. That bit at the end with him being dismayed at realizing who the Hood was really helps the dynamic of the relationship.

And I'm fairly certain the confusion of who's in the cowl of the Dark Archer stems from the excellent casting of the Merlyns, who are both skilled actors who do have some resemblance to each other. Tommy's subplot has a lot of potential next week. He left Ollie an opening for Laurel but still pretty clearly feels betrayed at the progress of their relationship. He's also the only other person who both knows that Ollie is the Hood and that his dad is perfectly capable of kicking ass himself. Tommy might uncover his Dad's armory through sheer deductive common sense, and his alignment is still the big question mark for next week. Is he Lex 2.0? Or is he the subversion to the expected storyline?

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