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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
im guessing a 3rd FC it would be set in the 80s

and they could write a way to connect it to X4 if they are creative enough, its pretty much what they are doing now with DOFP

in many ways it would help spread the fanchise out abit, FOX won't be in any rush to reboot this franchise
The thing is that a film set in the 80s would be expected to join the dots with X1, and will likely only present further continuity issues because things won't join up properly (as happens in every film to date).

However, any changes made to history in the 70s will likely have a ripple effect of creating a very different 1980s that won't necessarily lead to X1 at all. So, after DoFP, a film set in the 80s would be fairly random - free to do different things that didn't lead towards X1 but also detached from the existing timelines.

It depends if DoFP is intended to reset the timeline for a new FC film set in the 80s or reset the timeline for a new film set in the present/future. The involvement of James Marsden suggests they are more concerned with moving forwards with the original trilogy cast.

As for somehow linking a FC film in the 8os to an X4, would they want to do the time-travel again, with someone else coming back to stop something else happening? Seems a bit repetitive.

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