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Default Re: West Coast, Young, New, Dark, Secret, Defenders, Invaders, Thunderbolts

I think they should focus on the Avengers for now, but it wouldn't hurt
to make a Young Avengers spin off. Studios love to make shows
targeted for kids. Thats why DC gave Batman Robin, thats why they
made the Teen Titans cartoon and the Young Justice cartoon. I think
a Young Avengers targeted to teens (and younger) along with the
adults would work.

Plus it would help the franchise to keep going.
I think that with the Avengers they should stagger and rotate the roster
(something I have mentioned time and time again).
So that in Avengers we had Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk,
Hawkeye, Black Widow,
and in
Avengers 2 we could have Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk,
Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Falcon, and maybe
Winter Soldier.

With Scarlet Witch that opens the door to her children Wiccan and
Speed. In Edgar Wrights Ant Man we could get Scott Lang (and that
opens the door for bringing in Cassie/Stature).
If they made a Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel movie that included Mar-Vell
they could include the concept of him having a child with the Kree Princess
(opening up the door to include Teddy/Hulkling in the Marvel movie universe).

They could also introduce Hawkeye (the young teen girl) and Patriot
(maybe in a Captain America sequel). They could even be cameos in
other films too.

Have them all introduced in other films, but bring them together in their own
film against Kang the Conquerer and include Iron Lad, and boom.
Young Avengers
, brought together similar to how the original Avengers were
brought together by first introducing them in their own films.

But first they would need to make the Ant Man film, and include Scott Lang (as a lab tech)
then have Pym join the Avengers and create Ultron, and have Ultron (maybe in the same
Avengers film) create the Vision. Then Vision and Wanda have Wiccan and Speed, and
make the Captain Marvel film. So that will take a few years and the Young Avengers wont
be made until maybe after Avengers 6 or 7 or something. But I think the studio would be
missing an opportunity if they didn't.

But this goes with my staggering the roster idea. Eventually Evans and Hemsworth, and
Johannson, and the rest will be free of their contract to play those characters. I don't see
all of them staying after that, if any of them. So they could do several things, end the
Avengers franchise at 3, recast the Avengers who leave, or rotate and stagger the cast.
They could bring in about 2-3 Avengers so while the previous cast is still there, so that
when the previous cast leaves they will still have Avengers (from a previous film) for the
audience to stay with. It would be a mistake to bring in an entire new roster/cast because
it would be too jarring for the public. So the staggering idea (which I could explain more/better
later if you ask me to) would keep the franchise going and bring in Avnegers like the Vision,
Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Ant Man, Giant Man, Valkyrie, She-Hulk, etc.

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