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Default Re: Scoring Days of Future Past - The Soundtrack/Music Thread

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
Never was a fan of Jackman's XM:FC score (or a fan of his in general). I actually believe that score is overrated up here. Besides the droning and MV/RC sound. The main theme sounded like a rip off of Silvestri's GI Joe main theme from GI Joe:TROC, which didn't impress me either. It didn't make me think X-men at all, but that it was a generic superhero theme, which could fit any superhero movie without adding any impact to it. And one of the tracks reminded me of the "Time" track from Zimmer's Inception soundtrack, which is a problem for me. I also found the Magneto theme (or whatever that was) repetitive without any nuance each time it was used. Plus I don't think it fits Magneto at all. It only works with an assassin seeking vengeance on those who hurt him. All it does is let the audience know that the crap is about to hit the fan. That's another track that you could play in any movie without adding any impact. It lacks just about as much depth as Zimmer's Joker motif, imo.

Hopefully Ottman will ignore Jackman's contributions and brings back his own better theme. It'll be nice for once in this franchise that an X-men theme evolves.
Your post made me think about my opinions on Henry Jackman's score, I think Jackman's score was good, and I think any MV/RC criticism can be proven wrong by "Mutant and Proud", a great track by itself (cause God knows I wasn't being moved by it by what was happening on screen) and the Mystique theme (specially on the film, since its best iteration is not included on the album), my major criticism of Jackman's score however is the one that you mention, the main theme is generic, and I'm not talking about a great track where the generic repetitiveness actually improves it, like "First Class", I'm talking about what we got to hear on the movie, the numerous statements of the main theme in Cuba are so cringe-worthy it immediately stops being fun and it quickly became a joke. Still I'd gladly take any of the cheesy quotations of that main theme over the main theme from "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", talk about complete disconnect from character and theme.

I expect great things from Ottman (always do, even the Fantastic Four movies have a score they don't deserve), but I do hope at least in the past part of DOFP we get to hear his variations of Jackman's First Class, Magneto and Mystique themes (this last one depending on the version of Mystique we're gonna get, if we get something more akin to OT Mystique then I'm all for Ottman's Mystique theme coming back, cause let's face it, that small mischievous theme is one of the cool little complex things about the X2 score we haven't gotten since that movie)

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