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Default Re: Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town-Rate & Review Thread-

Loved the plan to infiltrate Merlyn Global. It really reminded me of the Person of Interest episode "All In" (mostly in both teams having this really fun, elaborate plan involving them playing rolls, hand offs, and all that fun stuff). Funny seeing as a line also reminded me of POI, "hacked is such an ugly word."

Loved the Judge Grell bit.

And I'm now starting to really pay attention to the locations they're filming at and this episode had me grinning from it. I pass the Unidac building on the way to school and my mom and grandmother used to work at the Merlyn Global building. I'll have to look into what they were getting themselves into.

The episode was really fun and my favourite so far. This show has been on such a great streak lately.

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