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Default Re: X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Posing the question again, why go through the trouble of looking for new talented leads for a 1980's backdrop if you are going to cast them aside in favor or X4-5? Ideally, yes, fanboys would love it. But it's not practical from a business end. Now if you filmed all three movies back to back with the same director like a LotR trilogy, then you wouldn't have that problem worrying what becomes of your FC3 cast. Wishful thinking. I want them to do exactly what you propose. But I don't see it happening. Nor did I see DoFP happening, so anything can happen.
Its definitely not practical.

Some people here, just see it "oh another movie with the First Class introducing Jean grey, Cyclops, Storm would do great business". But I don't think they're thinking whats the best for the franchise. I already said this to Angamb a long time ago, its wishful thinking.

You can't release a X-Men 4 and X-Men 5 movie after DOFP then go back to the First Class cast after those films to introduce the younger version of Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey. It would confuse the general audience.

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