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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Originally Posted by C_Carmichael View Post
I would have liked to have seen more MK 42 suit action. Even if it had been a scene of Tony out on patrol one night, coming across a jewelry store heist in progress, where he lazily dispatches them with some Replusor and witty quips.

While we mostly saw the MK 42 during the film, it just felt so under-utilized.

Also, I had kinda hoped that during the Iron Army scene, the Mark VII would have been in the mix, and Tony suits up in it as sort of a "good luck charm" as it was the suit which brought him through the Battle of New York, but alas, all we see is the previous suits exploded (not a spoiler, since it's in several trailers) and a bunch of gimic suits that we have no attachment to as the viewers. Heck, even in AEMH, Tony had use for previous suits, and even donned the Mark I once while Ultron controlled the rest of his suits.
He did run to the Mark VII during his first panic attack. That's something.

Don't actually understand why he would ever use a damaged armor with 35 unused armors in his vault... Especially with ones that go substantially faster/higher/farther. but hey. I'm no expert.

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