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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
I don't hate Watchmen, and didn't watch V4V, asked cause they're DC movies, and I know what you think of DC movies in general
Well my #3 all time adapted from comics, live action superhero film is still Superman The Movie. And that held the top spot for me from 1978 to 2008 and that's a DC movie. And I'd probably put Batman Begins somewhere(near the bottom) of my top 10 of all time as well. So if they make a good movie then I'm going to enjoy it even though I have never been nor will ever be a DC guy. And I don't hate Watchmen, I just don't think it's good. Too much on the surface, that movie. Now I never much liked the comic but it was deep and about stuff. The film really doesn't capture that.

Current comic book TV show grades(ones that I watch, at least): Agents of Shield-[season 1: B-][season 2: B+]\The Flash-[season 1: B+/A-]\Arrow-[season 1: B+][season 2: B][season 3: C]\Agent Carter-[season 1: A-]\Daredevil-[season 1: A+]\iZombie-[season 1: A-]

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