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Tried the Demo again. At least I'm trying to like this, and didn't shut it off immediately like DmC. Again, the game plays solid, but I'm not really a fan of pumping tons of ammo, into bulletsponge enemies, to activate secondary effects. Instead of lifting enemies out of cover with Izzy's Shattergun, why can't I just waste them with a couple head shots, the moment they reek their heads out of over? There are weapons that can do that, but I think they are limited to Sniper rifles, handguns and Jacob's crossbow. Everything else is too weak to kill them immediately. And the aiming is also way too slow, and I have it set on max. So combined with the fact that enemies soak up damage, regular guns are too weak and the aim is too slow, the enemies sometimes have an easy time to just run past you.

As for the teamwork aspect, from what the demo has shown, there's not much, apart from the basic. There's the coordination and flanking that is in every co-op game, if you know what you are doing, but apart from the addition of two people have to get here and hold the action button, there really wasn't much else. Army of Two may have been a mediocre game, but I really enjoyed the co-op gameplay and wish FUSE would have taken some of its elements.

Even Peace Walker's co-op looks a bit more fun. FUSE is just really as basic as they come.

I wish them the best and hope their game is successful, but from checking a couple places, the FUSE demo isn't exactly being showered with praise.

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