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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

I don't know how many times it's going to have to be stated, but this is the final word directly from Marvel and director Shane Black:
Originally posted by Shane Black
“Ultimately we do give you the Mandarin, the real guy, but it’s Guy Pearce in the end with the big dragon tattooed on his chest,” Black says. “He says, ‘You don’t understand, I’ve been this guy since I was born. I’ve been embodying him in this [actor] that I’ve had proxying for me, but it’s really me.’”
Originally posted by Kevin Feige
“A lot of this movie is about characters going back into the shadows for various reasons and characters who have been in the shadows coming out and into the light for the first time,” Feige says. “It is Tony who, for various reasons, finds himself receding into the darkness. I don’t mean emotional darkness, I mean literally ducking out of the spotlight. And we’ll see other characters stepping up who have pulled strings from the background, starting to show their hand.”
The second quote establishes that the company's intention is for Aldrich Killian/The Mandarin to have been pulling strings behind-the-scenes for the entirety of the IM trilogy. IOW, he's the person Raza references in IM1 (although we don't know whether or not Raza reported directly to him or to his proxy frontman, Trevor Slattery)

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