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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

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I lived in the Bronx until I was 5. The playground I went to turned out to be one of the Son of Sam's hangouts. And I started kindergarten three months after Etan Patz disappeared on his way to the school bus. They were practically walking us directly from the the school door to our parents every day to make sure we weren't going home alone. I didn't even know why at the time, I found that out years later.
I was petrified with Son of Sam since I fit his M.O. and lived I Queens. My future sister-in-law knew one of the victims. That was the decade of "hide your chains" on the subway since they would be snatched, and now people play with their IPhones, Ipads, etc. on the subway! And only one car on the subway train was in service after 7:00 and there was a cop on every train. And you couldn't even walk through Times Square, it was all porn houses and peep shows. Odd-even days for gasoline and there were gas lines around the block, and that lasted for months. An poor Etan Patz, I wonder if we will ever find out what happened to him. Terrible decade.

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