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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
If Edgar is going to somewhat follow To Steal An Ant-Man I wonder if Pym will know its Lang who stole his costume and keep tabs on him like he did in To Steal An Ant-Man?

Instead of getting knocked out by Cross Technological Enterprises security devices preventing him from helping Lang he could get captured and then later freed by Lang. They then team up to take down the villain.

Instead of working for Stark industries Lang could work for Cross Technological Enterprises.
Is he going to have Cross Technological Enterprises villains Darren Agonistes Cross, Augustine Cross and Crossfire?

Crossfire is a former CIA agent and expert in the field of brainwashing, robotics and cybernetics. They could redesign Crossfires supervillain foot soldiers the Death T.H.R.O.W.S". (Techno Hybird Remotely Operated Weapons Systems) that are robotic constructs that obey only his commands and each carry a small capable arsenal concealed within their armored shells.

I could see Darren Cross as the villain with his Cousin Crossfire as his henchman. I'm not sure if Darren Cross should turn into a pink Hulk though. I would say perhaps he could get superpowered by some of the nanotechnology Edgar was talking about but that would be too similar to Killian.
just my personal preference but i'd still like Advanced Idea Mechanics to be the central villain of the piece. C.T.E could easily be a dummy corporation/front for A.I.M; their public relations taking a hit after the events of Iron Man 3.

i'd leave Darren Agonistes Cross out of it. instead, Crossfire would be a freelance subversive agent/terminated C.I.A operative. given his comic book origin, they could tie him to Lang through rikers island penitentiary. Cross got his start by using behavior modification technology (that's what his mechanical eye does) on inmates. maybe Scott was one of the people he kept track of, in case A.I.M needed a fall guy for something. Cross would be the pretend head of C.T.E; while he actually answers to the Board (actually a triumvirate of A.I.M. scientists). George Tarleton (Killian's replacement), Monica Rappaccini (biotoxin expert & former terrorist), and Elias Starr (who kills Pym's first wife in the opening flashback) who i have in mind.
Pym could still be the focus character since A.I.M would want his research (after Pym rejects their offer of recruitment). and none of this gets in the way of Wright's To Steal an Ant-Man story. it's just shortened so that the main action takes place after the theft. Jan's still there in some form (and to later kick Rappaccini's @##). they can just leave it hanging at the end with Hank and Jan viable in case someone other than Wright wants to continue the story.

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