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Default Re: Bruce/Batman seemed dumber

Originally Posted by milost View Post
In the same manner too.

Watching footage of the villain, underestimating them as a small threat, having Alfred give a big speech somehow knowing what the villain is all about and how Bruce shouldn't underestimate them.

You think Wayne would have gotten a sense of deja vu or something, especially when you consider he was "frozen in time".

Or it was just a copy and paste moment where they just switch out names and events for the plot of the story. Swap Joker out with Bane, swap out Alfred speeches, etc.'s like he went back in time back to arrogant angry Bruce from Begins mad at the's like he learned nothing....Maybe Bruce was right in underestimating him though because I still think Bane is an idiot for putting himself in danger (shot in the head) for the stock exchange scene which would have signalled cliché revenge plot's early demise.....the stock exchange should have been where we see Bane's men (alone) taking out security guards like league of shadows ninjas which would have made them feel like a legitimate threat and give a sense of a true return of the league (I know they're not the old league but it would have been far more entertaining and interesting to have a new breed of ninjas (less theatrics) who are just as brutal as their leader instead of just plain mercs)......the only people who could fight in this movie were Bane, Batman and Selina (god knows how) which limited the action and made it underwhelming.

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