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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
TDK sucked ass, IMO.
And some people are of the opinion the Holocaust never happened so...

Sorry, just had to throw that in there I know some people aren't fans of TDK and that's fine. I just had to razzle you a bit.

For me, I'd probably still give it to TDKR. While still being a flawed movie, it was quite good. And the Nolan batman trilogy is one of the strongest film trilogies out there, let alone comic film.

IM3 was pretty solid, and I didn't really mind the twist. The issues I had with it was the shifting tones, and while I liked the PTSD thing they were exploring, they didn't really find a good way to give Tony what I thought was solid closure on it. I think TDKR was a more complete film, it just had some rather stupid decisions in there. Like the fact that a malnourished ten year old girl could make a jump that full grown men couldn't...because she was scared. I'm sorry, but if I scare the crap out of my 9 year old brother he won't suddenly become a world class long jumper.


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