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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Mine are:

3 movies, 3 different scores. I hate it when this happens, nothing better than going to see a sequel and hearing that familiar music again.

The action in the whole of the trilogy was VERY under-whelming, not one action scene from the trilogy could be put in a top 10 action scenes thread. IM3 had the best action of the trilogy though. Yet Iron Man's best action scenes are in The Avengers.

Not enough risks, once the 1st movie worked, they just amplified what was good to a point that was too far. The sequels had far too much humour, and no were near enough emotional moments like in IM1. They just stuck to the same formula for all 3 movies, though this is a complaint for all Marvel Studios movies for me, not just the IM ones. Take some risks Marvel for crying out loud, its not like that hurt the TDK trilogy, in fact it elevated it, and this is coming from a Marvel fanboy!

2016 movie ratings out of 10:

1)Captain America: Civil War-9(2)Deadpool-9(3)The Girl With All The Gifts-9(4)Star Wars: Rogue One-8.5(5)X-Men: Apocalypse-8.5(6)Dr. Strange-8.5(7)The Revenant-8(8)Star Trek Beyond-8.5(9)Jason Bourne-8(10)The Shallows-8(11)Batman v Superman DOJ: UC-8(12)10 Cloverfield Lane-7.5(13)Jack Reacher: Never Go Back-7.5(14)TMNT: Out Of The Shadows-7(15)Suicide Squad-7(16)Batman v Superman: DOJ-7(17)Tarzan-6(18)Independence Day: Resurgance-5
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