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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Originally Posted by Adder View Post
yep, in Avengers IM takes a full lightning blast from Mjolnir, a direct hit from a thrown mjolnir, a backhand bash from mjolnir as well as several Thor punches and at worst comes out needing a new paint job, not to mention the power up the lightning actually gives him.

meanwhile the extremis soldiers and killian are tearing the MOST ADVANCED ARMORS to shreads, pulling their heads off with ease(yep they are STRONGER THAN THOR) and just generally dismantling them like they were made of butter.

when you think about it I think the extremis soldiers could have demolished the Chitauri just as easy as the avengers did, maybe easier.

this is what happens when you get a non comic respecting writer/director to make your movie.
Well, I've heard some Black apologists theorize that all the new armors in the film are all prototypes and done as a rush job due to Tony's PTSD.

Yeah, I'm not exactly buying that either. The only one they actually say is a prototype is the Mark 42. If they expected us to think that about the others then they needed at least to tell us.

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