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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread

Originally Posted by narrows101 View Post
I was petrified with Son of Sam since I fit his M.O. and lived I Queens. My future sister-in-law knew one of the victims. That was the decade of "hide your chains" on the subway since they would be snatched, and now people play with their IPhones, Ipads, etc. on the subway! And only one car on the subway train was in service after 7:00 and there was a cop on every train. And you couldn't even walk through Times Square, it was all porn houses and peep shows. Odd-even days for gasoline and there were gas lines around the block, and that lasted for months. An poor Etan Patz, I wonder if we will ever find out what happened to him. Terrible decade.

Back to our regular programming....
My mom fit the Son of Sam profile too. She said they were afraid to even stand near their windows. It was crazy.

People complain about what a tourist trap Times Square is now (and it is, and it's awful), but I'll take over that over what it used to be. It was actually scary there when I was a kid. I started working in NYC just as the last of the X-rated video stores and theaters on 42nd St were closing down.

The first movie I saw on 42nd St once it was cleaned up? X-Men.

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