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Default Re: Episode 22: Darkness on the Edge of Town-Rate & Review Thread-

Laurel shut ya curtains! I wasn't a fan of the stuff with her and Ollie or his sudden reasoning that it was cool to be with her, or Poppa Lance suddenly and conveniently softening his views, or poor Tommy just happening to be there the moment they were getting it on.

What I did like was the ruse pulled by Ollie and Digg on Moira and what I loved was the sequence where they broke into Merlyn's building, some fun scenes between Ollie and Felicity as well as the great "My knight in shining armor" scene between her and Digg.

The island stuff was pretty brief and just setting up for some action in the finale I think, shame to see Yao Fei killed in such a casual manner. Interested to know who the female boss with the great pins is, I'm guessing next seasons main threat.

Ollie is going to have to up his game as this is twice in a row the Dark Archer has handed him his ass, I'm expecting an epic fight in the finale.

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