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Default Re: Best 3rd movie in a CBM franchise so far?

Originally Posted by Squaremaster316 View Post
Tony knew exactly where Killian was when Pepper fell into the fire, literally within sight.

IF he was even remotely in character, in the heat of the moment, when he went straight for him, he should have wanted to turn his face into a pile of featureless gore. Here, he just went "huh".

I know they're trying to make this series the light-hearted antithesis of the TDK franchise, but an action like that makes this series more "cold and distant" than anything from that trilogy that people made similar claims over.

In Spider-Man TAS, Spider-man put all jokes aside to make the Goblin pay for what he supposedly did to Mary Jane, and he's one of the most notorious wise crackers in CB lore.
Tony Stark had a very reasonable look on his face after witnessing Pepper falling to her supposed death and then trying to get right back into the game of defeating Killian. Sorry, but I just find this all useless nitpicking for the sake of it. I wasn't a fan of IM3, but Tony's reaction to Pepper's fall and supposed death were fine.

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TDK sucked ass, IMO.

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