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Default Re: How many times will you watch MOS in theaters?

I suppose it depends on quality ... but based on recent superhero films.

The Avengers (seen three times)
The Dark Knight Rises (seen three times)
Amazing Spider-Man (seen three times ... yes, that seems absurd)
Iron Man 3 (seen twice)

SO, I'd say probably 3 or 4 times. In the case of Spider-Man/Avengers/Iron Man ... I usually see it at least once in 3D ... and then 2D. No IMAX near me.

BTW, the most times I've seen a film in theaters was Return of the King ... I think I saw that 7 times ... then probably Revenge of the Sith & Dark Knight with around 5 times, but in general, if it's a big action/superhero film, I'll probably see it at least twice.

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