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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Originally Posted by MichaelChen View Post
Killian is much, much closer to a classic Mandarin than IMAA.

Classic Mandarin was a mad scientist and superhuman martial artist. He used inventions and martial arts to beat Iron Man more than he did the rings.

Killiandarin is a mad scientist and superhuman martial artist who uses political schemes and science and super-karate-chops to beat Iron Man. He's actually pretty close to 60's Mandarin in a lot of ways.

IMAA Gene Khan is just a mafia kid who is completely dependent on the rings. Not like classic Mandarin at all.
It's all a matter of era I guess. I prefer the Magic Rings Khan Mandarin that I've come to know.

Regardless of that fact, it doesn't excuse the massive hatchet job that was done to the Extremis story, which the outcome should have been a healed Tony Stark with enhanced tech interface ability, in essence transforming him from just Iron Man, to the Invincible Iron Man, who then lays the smack down on Mallen.

That would have been a much better IM3 in my opinion.

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