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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
You have to consider her other skills, not just the fact she only has one attack move and is not a damage dealer. First of all, her passive lets her remove a debuff at the beginning of every turn, and that is pretty huge. Stun? Mental Anguish? They all disappear before she takes a turn. Her L1 ability not only lets her take 2 turns, but it can apply Winded (no Scrapper ability) and Off-balance (no Infiltrator counter attack). The other 3 skills all provide some support to the team, whether it's protection, shield/healing, or removing beneficial buffs on opponents (a la Scroll of Anglobob).

If you pair her with good damage dealers like Magneto, she can really shine. I think she's unique and fun to use, and I'm glad I just recruited her yesterday.
I've been pairing her up with my team in 12.2 and there's no more dealing with DoT effects if you use her LVL 6 skill. I'm using far less consumables with her in my line-up.

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