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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by sdc10 View Post
The iron man 3 prequel does show a character sitting in front of a 10 ring flag being called "the mandarin" by a subservant as well as being updated on their recent attacks. This characters face is not revealed at the time, however clearly it was supposed to be Killian after seeing the events in the movie. So it is established that Killian is indeed leading this terrorist group rather than just stealing their symbols and creating a fake leader.
That was my point earlier - people citing prequel comics, external sources, featurettes and interviews with directors as a proof to something that happened in the movie. I don't care if it's considered canon, these comics should not be necessary to understand important plot points and tie loose ends that aren't addressed in the movies.

As it stands, there's no definitive proof that Mandarillian has any affiliation with the Ten Rings organization from IM1. He never implies or refers to that in the movie, for all we know, he could've just adopted their looks and name in order to make his farce going. Since Trevor is just an actor, and it's all fake, it is certainly possible that he has nothing to do with what Stane and Raza did in IM1. There's enough stuff in the movies alone that's ambiguous and allows for different interpretations.

I've yet to see someone bring a definitive proof FROM THE MOVIES that the Ten Rings organization as we see it in IM3 is not an adopted thing to complement a farce (as the Trevor Mandarin), and exist, and is a creation by Killian that's real, and he was pulling the strings ever since IM1 and was watching from the shadows as Tony built the Mark 1 in the cave, and later when Stane got everyone shot.

I'm not asking for prequel comic references or director quotes, I'm asking for a solid proof from the movies.

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