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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
In the scene where Tony was underwater Jarvis detached one arm and used it to pull him free of debris. Also, each separate piece of the prehensile Mark 42 armor must have had its own power source in order to be able to fly to Tony from wherever it was and attach itself. In the Miami scenes each individual segment flew in from hundreds of miles away. (I forget the exact distance Ponytail Express gave.) So it is obvious that the armpiece Pepper used in the finale had its own power source since all the pieces did.

Having multiple power sources for the armor makes more sense than powering everything from a central arc reactor. Say the central reactor malfunctions while Tony or Rhodey is in a suit. That would essentially leave them locked in a suit without power, which could become a death trap. They could also be left without weapons at crucial moments. Having built-in redundant power sources would prevent that sort of scenario from happening.
yep, but then how come the silver centurion armour powered down completely when the centre arc got destroyed? i'm assuming here that the blade that shot out of the arm didn't require repulsor power, given the feasibility that it was purely mechanical.

also, the mark 42 isn't what attached to pepper.

i agree with you though, it's more that they establish the arc to be THE power source in iron man 1 and 2, and then mix it up in 3 with no real explanation.

to me, you shouldn't be able to shoot a repulsor-based attack with out a RT chest piece. it feels like cheating.

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