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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
"compassionate, headstrong, stubborn, intelligent"

Can't these adjectives also apply to Superman and Batman?

On the same train of thought, what do you identify as Diana's quirks? Is Diana a more colorful/Marvel-like character than Superman or Batman? Is she just as serious?
Yeah i guess that could be applied for Supes and Bats, but when it comes to being compassionate and headstrong, Wondy wins. Diana's compassion knows no bounds and she has shown to go through Hell and back to save those she loves. Which is literally everybody. She can be as colorful sometimes but she also can take things seriously.

The take on Diana I do hate is when she portrayed as a fish out of water. In the eventual movie, the amazons should be well educated about the outside world. So when Diana leaves the island and comes to America for the very first time, she should know what most things are. I'd rather have a Diana who adapts to her surrounding instead of being amazed at every little thing.

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