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Default Re: Kenner did actually make an accurate Returns batman figure

I get the impression that Kenner was on a pretty tight schedule with the DKC and Returns lines due to being awarded the movie license at the last minute after WB took it away from Toybiz. Perhaps if they were given the first crack at it in 1989, the figures would have been more than hastily converted Superpowers figures (Batman looking like a cross between the comic-style Batman and the movie Batman and Joker being so skinny) and they would have been able to release the Batcave playset in time for the 89 line rather than trying to pass it off as a Batman Returns playset with Axis Chemicals being given Arctic World decals.

Still, other than the not-quite accurate suit details, the head sculpts of the Batman and Joker figures are fantastic, IMO. The Toybiz Batman and Joker look nothing like Keaton and Nicholson, although a few of the variant sculpts of the Batman figure seemed to be an attempt at it, while the Kenner figures are as close as you could possibly expect from a non-adult collector oriented toyline.

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