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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Good points. Those should apply to every great superhero, imho. I think Diana is especially compassionate and headstrong, just as Batman is especially stubborn and intelligent while Superman is more balanced.

Her quirks are more tricky, as there are very different distinct Dianas. There's the warrior woman, there's the fish out of water, then the sort-of-goddess and lastly the Golden Age's catty fun girl. They can't all really go in the same pot very well. The vicious warrior doesn't mesh with the all-compassionate goddess and the naive fish out of water doesn't synch with the earthy savvy fun girl. I personally favor the more emotion-driven Diana over the hardcore warrior per se, but that might just be me.
Clark's quirks is that he's still holds very simple American/Midwest values. Working hard, doing the right thing, being honest, looking out for your neighbors. Ironically, he's more down to Earth because he's out in the open and chooses a reporter's life when he could literally be a billionaire like Bruce too. He's sweet, earnest and direct.

Bruce is a Byronic character with a double life as a vigilante. He's aggressive, stoic, brooding, no nonsense. He's cunning, charming, and dangerous. Bruce still has billionaire in him as Batman. He has the expensive gadgets; he looks down on crooks. His mission is to clean up his city like a self-appointed super mayor.

Diana like Bruce was raised privileged. He's rich, she's royalty. There's a difference there. I see Diana as having a regality that Bruce doesn't have. Superman or Batman, Wonder Woman is high-born. She feels obligated to do good so in a sense it's more ingrained in her to be a superhero because that's what she would be doing anyway. It's not that she chooses to be a superhero, the role of a Wonder Woman is already equivalent to what a superhero is. So Diana has a royal elegance about her. I don't see her as a savage warrior. Her training is formal. Her demeanor is more like a soldier or knight than a warrior. Even in Azzarello's run, she shows more restraint than being battle hungry. She seems to enjoy the game of combat far more than the violence of it. Perhaps, well see more Athena as hinted.

Anyway, aside from having the royal princess mission of making the world better, I think Diana is the most personable. Bruce doesn't even compare because shuts everyone away. While, Clark is very friendly and gets to know everyone, he doesn't really let anyone into his life. Diana is different. She isn't about secret identities. Diana Prince isn't really a disguise. It's just a way to dress down so she can blend in and avoid attention. It's more like a celebrity avoiding the paparazzi. Diana is also a people person like Clark, and Superman will do want he can directly and give advice. However, Wonder Woman really reaches out to people. She invests herself and allows people into her life to help them. In both Hiketeia and Azzarello's run, she dedicates all her time to protect someone. So she shows more individual care than either Batman or Superman. That's not to say Superman or Batman is less compassionate, but they each practice compassion with a different emphasis. Peace on Earth, War on Crime, Spirit of Truth. Superman protects and inspires good from above, Batman battles crime in the trenches, Wonder Woman has your back and fights for you. There's the trinity. In that sense, Diana has more warmth about her.

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