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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

I was thinking lately about some of the themes that a WW movie might explore (mostly how they would come across in the trailer and look as cool as Man of Steel). How does this sound:

We could get a conversation early on between Diana and Hippolyta; Diana asks "Are we free?" to which her mom points out they're free from war, disease, male dickishness, etc., (and those bracelets are just a reminder of how they used to be slaves and now they're not, so it's all good). Diana points out that she's never left the island her entire life.

The subject is revisited later on, Wondy chats with Steve Trevor about being a soldier, duty, honor, and some talk about what that means in today's world. So rather than simply a desire for freedom, Diana would incorporate those ideas of duty and service to a higher cause into her philosophy.


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