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Default Re: The Official Iron Man 3 Merchandise Thread

So far, I have picked up the following

-Upperdeck Iron Man 3 base card set, want to pick up a few of the costume cards

-Wizkids Iron Man 3 Heroclix set of 24 figures, including the mk42/Iron Patriot duo

-Marvel Legends BAF Iron Monger series 6" figures, mk42, Iron Patriot (movie version), Ultron, Classic Armor, Heroic age armor & Iron Patriot (comic version), supposed to be a 7th figure released this summer, movie Mandarin.

-Micro Muggs Iron Man 3 series 1 set of 12, waiting on series 2

-Art Asylum wave 49 Iron Man 3 set of 8 Minimates, waiting on the Toys R Us exclusives to hit stores.

-Assemblers mk42, Iron Patriot & Gemini Space armor

- 3 3/4" - Ghost armor & Hydro Blast armor.

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