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Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
And Thor has won a couple of their fights. More often than not, they reach a stalemate. A couple of times Thor has had the Hulk on the ropes but the Hulk gets all pissy and demands Thor throw away Mjolnir or grabs a human hostage to make Thor back off. Also, Thor usually handicaps himself a bit when he fights the Hulk. As you noted, Thor has about a thousand more powers than the Hulk, yet he usually fights him hand-to-hand because it's part of Thor's code of honor to not escalate fights unnecessarily--i.e. if someone punches Thor, he's gonna punch back, not shoot them with lightning or whisk them off to another dimension or do any of the dozens of other things he could do. The Hulk's not smart enough to have a code of anything, so he just does whatever.
Yes, he is just fighting too fair. But this honesty is one of the reasons why I love him actually. I just wish to have a few of those panels where Thor beats the Hulk as evidence. Cause I usually get bombed with panels where the Hulk mops the floor with Goldilocks. (Those guys like to make me angry with that lol. )

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