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Default Re: The Best Actors Tournament

The Best Actors Tournament: Final 16

The Spider-Man Region (9 Votes/Leader After 24 Hours Wins)

Match 1:

(1) Robert De Niro

Known for:

Taxi Driver (Travis Bickle) (1976)

Raging Bull (Jake La Motta) (1980)

Goodfellas (James Conway) (1990)


(4) Marlon Brando

Known for:

On the Waterfront (Terry Malloy) (1954)

The Godfather (Don Vito Corleone) (1971)

Apocalypse Now (Col. Walter E. Kurtz) (1979)

Match 2:

(3) Liam Neeson

Known for:

Schindler's List (Oskar Schindler) (1993)

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Qui-Gon Jin) (1999)

Batman Begins (Ducard) (2005)


(10) Dustin Hoffman

Known for:

The Graduate (Ben Braddock) (1967)

Kramer vs. Kramer (Ted Kramer) (1979)

Rain Man (Raymond Babbitt) (1988)

(4/20/13) One of 2 People on SHH to Finish...
VIDEO-CLick to Watch!:

Stanley Kubrick defeats Alfred Hitchcock by one vote to win The Best Directors of All Time Tournament. (11/16/13)

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