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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Still would like to see Living Laser, the CGI on creating him would be awesome, Madam Masque is a must I think, again this is assuming there will be a 4th film, alot needs to happen for that, the 2 biggest being RDJ's willingness to do another stand alone film and Marvel wanting to pay him, if what they say is true, RDJ banked some seriuos coin on IM2, Avengers and IM3 and Marvel will not want to make that mistake again, i have heard he could make around $100 million just off Avengers and IM3, i read last year he made $50 million for Avengers then heard a week ago the number was closer to $75 Million, and he had the same deal fro IM3, so with IM3 killing it at the box office, he could stand to make nearly the same pay check, and Marvel IMO will not want to let that happen again.

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