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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
I don't think he would have any problems communicating, the other foreign managers in our league haven't. I mean with your criteria you only want a British manager.
My criteria is that any manager we should have been considering should speak English 100%. That's the only point I was making, I wasn't making a point regarding Klopp's English in particular.

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
They've both had plenty of time in management though and Everton have had the kind of budget that is similar to O'Neill at Villa before he left so keeping within spitting distance of the top 6 is not that great of an achievement.
Moyes had virtually no budget at Everton, he had to sell in order to buy, maybe not in the same season, but eventually he'd have to balance books.

Keeping Everton in positions between 4th & 7th, when you consider the fact that you have Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, City & Tottenham all pretty much spending freely for the most part is a very good achievement. Realistically, he'd have had to have got very lucky with transfers to even come close to challenging the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal.

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
The bottom line is that we can argue who's had more overall football experience but the key facts are that Moyes has had 11 years, won nothing and only been to one final. Klopp, with less money, rejuvenated Dortmund, took back to back league titles, a German Cup and is in the CL final, one is a proven winner, the other is a proven water treader.
The thing is though, what has Moyes ever been expected to win or challenge for seriously at Everton? The league was never realistic, cups are pot luck alot of the time. Whereas Dortmund, Dortmund are expected to be challenging for the Bundesliga against Bayern. It's kinda unfair compairing those 2 instances, it would be like me saying Klopp won nothing in 8 years at Mainz.. I mean realistically he was never going to win anything there anyway.

Klopp isn't an example of a manager that is a born winner, I mean look at them domestically this season or the first 3 seasons he was in charge of Dortmund. He has lost Kagawa, will lose the wonderboy Gotze & Lewondowski in the summer, lets see how much of a born winner he is next season & see if he can rebuild a squad.. or was it a flash in the pan.

Originally Posted by Hunter Rider View Post
I concede this is true that he could be capable of managing a different style with different players at his disposal, likewise in the transfer market he could be well aware of talents he's never been linked with before simply because they weren't viable financially for Everton. However as it stands I see zero to be positive about with this choice of manager, especially when Jose was right their with his cap in hand wanting the job. I'll give him a chance of course but I've set the bar low for expectations next season.
I'd have preferred Mourinho as well simply because.. he is a winner. He wins everywhere, however even Mourinho has his drawbacks. He hasn't stuck around at a club for more than 3 years in his entire managerial career. He can build a good team there is no question, but can he then rebuild it when it needs to be rebuilt.. ? Also doesn't give youth as much of a chance as Moyes for example will.. or has done with Everton anyway.

Having said all that, I'd still have taken Mourinho & perhaps I'd have my concerns with him proved wrong... but then again the same could be said for Moyes & my concerns with him could be proved wrong. Lets just hope & pray, Sir Alex Ferguson is as good a judge of manager as he is player..

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