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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

Originally Posted by DarthMuppet View Post
Agreed. It really makes no sense for her to be anyone but Sharon. The fact that they are keeping a tight lip on her role in the film, at least to me, suggests that Steve won't know who she really is for a good chunk of the film. The idea that they are being secretive about her role because she's Carol Danvers or another character really seems to me to be grasping at straws(we all tend to read to much into these things). Also, you have to keep in mind that the average non-comic-book-geek moviegoer isn't going to know who Agent 13 is either. When her identity is revealed, having Steve and the (general)audience kept in the dark should up the dramatic effect considerably(I imagine it will include a speech from her where she tells Steve she joined SHIELD because of the stories she heard about him from Peggy). WE all know that's who Agent 13 is, but like I said, most people won't. When the first Iron Man film was released, I can't tell you how many people I talked to that were surprised when Obadiah Stane ended up being revealed as the villain. You gotta' remember, these movies aren't made solely for us comic book fans.
Okay, but they are making this for the fans as well.

Agent 13 is Sharon Carter, that's pretty common knowledge. Knowledge that would spread.

If Agent 13 being related to Peggy is supposed to come as a twist, then there would be better ways to hide it. Say Emily Vancamp is playing Laura Brown, or whoever.

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