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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Great Mind(s) View Post
Translation: Nolan's films are pure fantasy and the notion that it's some kind of realistic crime drama is asinine. The idea that Superman could never interact with all the things I listed is just plain silly. We're talking about Batman and Superman. Just because Batman is "gritty and dark" doesn't mean it's not fantasy.
Ehhhhh, I wouldn't say its fantasy at all. It's mainly fiction, with a few sci-fi elements dropped in there, but it doesn't go crazy with it, either(I think the definition is Sci-fi action?). Stuff like The Joker knowing where and when to plant bombs, or Selina knowing this and that isn't based on fantasy, that again, is all based on fiction, because it's purely imaginative. You can write improbably situations all you want, but that doesn't automatically deem it "fantasy". Things like the cape, microwave emitter, grapple gun, etc, is all more based on sci-fi, cause those things are probable, it's just we don't have the exact tech for it at this moment(see the extras on BB for more clarification).

As for MOS: that is definitely based on fantasy, but it doesn't go all out with it. It isn't plausible to be able to emit the power of flight, or shoot heat vision laser beams out of ones eyes, without some kind of tech to back it up. Those are all supernatural phenomenons, hence, why its in the fantasy category. It basically makes things up, and follows its own rules. Can it be more "grounded" and (I hate to say this) "realistic" compared to past Superman movies or the comics? Sure, but just because it's more "grounded" doesn't mean it has escaped its fantastical elements, as it should be apparent, since we can see a bunch of humanoids fly that are breaking the laws of nature.

Batman in the comics or some cartoons? Yes, there is definitely many fantastical elements in there that one could easily consider them "fantasy", but I wouldn't classify Nolan's movies in the fantasy category, at all. If Ra's really was immortal, and Clayface showed up, sure, I could start to see the fantasy elements, but Nolan's films never introduced those things. Just because you have some crazy impractical moments in the movies doesn't mean its "fantasy". Would you consider Die Hard a fantasy?

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