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Default Re: Roger Wardell discussion thread ;)

"Inside news: Sebastian Stan is talking with Marvel about Captain America 2......"
He was teased for the sequel in CA:TFA. Even the commentary track implied that the Zola experiment was meant to set the Winter Soldier up.

"Inside news: Marvel is keen on using a certain winged hero in Captain America The Winter Soldier, potentially joining the team in Avengers 2"

Kevin Feige was asked about Cap's history of sidekicks pre-Avengers. His reaction to the mention of Falcon made EVERYONE following closely assume Falcon would be in the sequel.

"Inside News: Marvel is seriously considering having Pepper Potts armour up in Iron Man 3, an idea that scrapped from the previous film"

Favreau's said they've wanted to do this on the record. Totally predictable.

"Inside News: Actors like Cobie Smulders, Maximiliano Hernández, and Titus Welliver will be used on the Joss Whedon Marvel TV show"

It's only logical to assume established SHIELD agents would show up in a SHIELD show.

"Inside News: Pepper Potts's role in Iron Man 3 is gonna be full of suprises and unexpected turns."

That's pretty darn vague. Also, plot twists in a movie? No!

"Inside News: Marvel is keen on atleast 2 new heroes joining in Avengers 2."

Of course they are. There have been a ridiculous amount of Avengers over the years. Why would they just use the same six over and over?

"Inside News: In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers will lead a smaller scale team including Falcon and the Black Widow."

Well, Falcon was practically confirmed before this was said. Not that much of a stretch that Widow (another Captain America partner at times) might also be thrown in the mix. Also, Cap had a team in CA:TFA, so it makes sense for the sequel to also do that.

"Inside News: The Masters of Evil will feature in The Avengers 2."

This rumor has been around since the first Avengers movie was in development. Again, it's a totally logical guess (we can't even confirm this one, though).

"Inside News: Fing Fang Foom will slither it's way into Iron Man 3 in a minor capacity."

FFF is another character Favreau brought up in the past. Also, very early Kingsley stuff showed dragons.

"Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon is in the process of storyboarded a sequence in The Avengers 2 involving a large-scale prison escape."

Again, this is a logical enough guess we can't confirm. If the Masters are used they pretty much have to go this route. Abomination is known to be in captivity. Well done! A prison break certainly is a must if we get the MoE!

"Inside News: Thanos will carry on until the end of Phase 3.

Some fans have speculated on this for some time, especially the ones that supported the MoE as sequel villains.

Inside News: Despite assertions from Marvel to the contrary, look forward to a cameo of one Avenger appearing in Iron Man 3.

Every Marvel movie to date has had a cameo of another character.

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