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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - - Part 11

I would really like a big name Director to helm the Wonder Woman film. Someone like Peter Jackson. Attaching his name to a wonder woman movie would generate alot of interest from the GA.

Del Toro should direct Aquaman.

Brad Bird to direct The Flash.

Len Wiseman to direct The Batman reboot. He knows how to film action movies with good hand to hand combat fighting and the imaginative tech used in underworld and total recall were great.

Imagine Batman instead of selene and Batarangs in place of the blades. This would look sick on screen. I really would love to see bats throw some batarangs like he does in the cartoons.

Joseph Kosinski another director i like has a really cool visual style in Tron Legacy and Oblivion and i think transferring that style to make a Green Lantern movie would be a great.

I think visual directors are best to tackle comicbook movies because of their creative style and imagination. Just aslong as they have a great script in their hands they will show you great action and visuals.

Superman - Henry Cavill /Batman -Ben Affleck/Wonder Woman -Gal Gadot/Cyborg -Ray Fisher/Aquaman -Jason Momoa/The Flash/Ezra Miller/Green Lantern ?????
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