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Default Re: "DAT SMEXY": The Sexiest X-Men Photo Album

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
And they've been married a long time...17 years, I think? So they definitely have a good thing going on.

There's a really cute clip on the extra features of the first X-Men dvd where you see them in Hugh's trailer with their son, who was maybe only a few weeks old at the time. One of the producers was giving Hugh his first action figure. So adorable!

Both of their kids are adopted, and I know Deb's an advocate for adoption groups in Australia.
Yep, they just celebrated their 17th anniversary last month. He's *always* talking about her and whenever he wins an award, she's the first one he mentions. They met on his first job - she was the star and he was just out of drama school! Speaking of his kids, his son turns 13 this week.

First job - "Correlli"

Golden Globe acceptance speech:

Tony Award acceptance speech:

"By himself, Hugh Jackman can sell out the Yellow Pages." - Broadway Producer

"It's not just that they don't make 'em like Hugh Jackman anymore - they never did."

"Hugh Jackman cruised in to a roaring crowd oozing more sex appeal then Prince Charming riding a horse called Charisma into the land of Suave."

"Hugh is not supposed to exist. You’re not supposed to be that macho, that tender and that athletic, and be able to sing." - Anne Hathaway

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