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Default Re: "DAT SMEXY": The Sexiest X-Men Photo Album

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
And they've been married a long time...17 years, I think? So they definitely have a good thing going on.

There's a really cute clip on the extra features of the first X-Men dvd where you see them in Hugh's trailer with their son, who was maybe only a few weeks old at the time. One of the producers was giving Hugh his first action figure. So adorable!

Both of their kids are adopted, and I know Deb's an advocate for adoption groups in Australia.
Yep, they just celebrated their 17th anniversary last month. He's *always* talking about her and whenever he wins an award, she's the first one he mentions. They met on his first job - she was the star and he was just out of drama school! Speaking of his kids, his son turns 13 this week.

First job - "Correlli"

Golden Globe acceptance speech:

Tony Award acceptance speech:

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